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Why Pledge?

Why you should consider pledging Theta Zeta Upsilon...

    Theta Zeta Upsilon is a sorority filled of independent women, each unique in her own way (and we encourage it to stay that way!). We encourage EVERYONE to express themselves always.


Theta Zeta Upsilon is a Christian sorority based on Christian values. You don't have to be a Christian to join, but you must be open-minded. Any and all religions are welcome to pledge!


Theta Zeta Upsilon is a family away from home. Every sister is there to support each other.


When it comes to funds, Theta Zeta Upsilon only costs $40.00 per semester in dues; for fall 2010 there is an additional pledge fee of $30.00 during the semester you pledge. Deadlines and so on can be worked out with the treasurer. These dues go towards Theta events, annual retreats, Theta Zeta Upsilon apparel, and other materials that keep Theta going. If a sister has any hard time with dues, the treasurer is always glad to help and compromise something to aid in any financial trouble! The cost is well worth the rewards.


Although sorority events and meetings are mandatory, Theta Zeta Upsilon only meets once a week and events consist of a campus wide event each month and a bi-weekly non-mandatory event for sisters to spend time with each other. 


The sisters of Theta Zeta Upsilon are very active around campus and are involved with other clubs and activities as well as jobs such as (but not limited to):

  • Fellows Program (Concordia's Honors Program)
  • Residence Assistants 
  • Live-in Mentor
  • Student Government Association Executive Board (SGA)
  • Orientation Coordinator (2008=2010)
  • Orientation Leader
  • Orientation Committee
  • Kappa Gamma Pi (Educational Honor Society) 
  • Tutoring
  • Campus Security
  • Campus Mailroom
  • Concordia Admissions
  • The Writing Center
  • Concordia Choir
  • Tour Choir
  • Chamber Choir
  • Gospel Knights
  • Handbells
  • Psychology Club
  • Social Work Club
  • Concordia Soccer Team
  • Concordia Volleyball Team
  • Concordia Track Team
  • The Art Gallery
  • Scheele Memorial Library