Brandie Mehlhorn

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018?
Major/Program of Study: Undecided.
Concordia College Involvement:
Sister of Theta Zeta Upsilon

        Brandie Mehlhorn is a sister who just crossed over! She came all the way from Oregon to go to school here. Her signature laugh is just the cutest and you'll hear if often. By often, it's EVERY SECOND she's in the room. (Brandie laughs at everything!) She's got that "girl next door" kind of vibe and style which is very fitting of her. With that lovely blonde hair and matching clear blue eyes to boot!! She's joining Americorp in the fall of 2015 and she's excited to join. When it comes to coffee and remixed music, she is very JUDGMENTAL. Next time when you see her ask her what she thinks about coffee from Dunkin Donuts!

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